Tow-bar's Supplied & Fitted to all Makes and Models

We supply and fit both Original Equipment and High Quality Specialist Tow-bar's and Electrical Sockets for all Makes and Models

Our after-sales department, among other services, provides a supply and fitting service for all of your towing needs across all brands of vehicles. Whether you want to tow a small trailer, a big or small caravan, a trailer tent, fishing boat, speedboat, yacht or even a trailer for your turf we have a solution for you. As well as manufacturer specific tow-bars we also supply fit leading tow-bar brands including Witter, Brink, Towfit and McCabes.

When fitting our tow-bars we use "Vehicle Specific" wiring looms where available meaning that your car 'knows' when it is towing.

Many newer vehicles, especially those that would be purchased for towing, have features such as Trailer Sway Management / Mitigation built into their safety systems but while these features may be on the vehicle, when a tow-bar is fitted to the vehicle it must be 'coded' to the vehicle so that the vehicle knows that A) it now has a tow-bar and B) that when the tow-bar is in use the vehicle will perform certain functions such as Trailer Sway Mitigation, Rear Axle Self Leveling and disengage the Rear parking sensors.

Contact us today to see how our experience can become your security in having your vehicle equipped with a high quality tow-bar suitable for your vehicle make and model.



Fixed Flange Ball Tow-bar

The fixed flange type tow-bar is the most traditional in style and also the most versatile as it allows bolting on of various accessories and attachments between the ball and tow-bar, such as bumper protector plates, caravan stabiliser attachment plates and cycle carrier base plates. 

It will also allow the fitment of specialist balls such as an AL-KO ball for use with friction type coupling head stabilisers and for fitting a jaw and pin or a universal coupling for commercial ring type coupling heads.

It is usually the best value as the design is very simple and its generic design (other than the main bar inside of the bumper) means it is usually the cheapest of all tow-bar options. 

picture of a fixed flange tow-bar
Fixed Flange Ball Tow-bar


picture of a fixed SWAN NECK tow-bar
Fixed Swan Neck Tow-bar

Fixed Swan Neck Tow-bar

This style is more commonly seen as an O.E. (Original Equipment) or continental style of tow-bar. While it It has a less obstructive appearance than the flange ball style it is less flexible in design as no additional bolt-on accessories can be used. 

It does allow fitting without any cutting of bumper or low rear panels on the majority of equipment making it a popular choice on newer and brand new vehicles.

After the Fixed Flange type, the Fixed Swan Neck would be one of the lesser expensive tow-bar options.  ​


Detachable Swan Neck Tow-bar

Detachable swan neck tow-bars are becoming increasingly popular due to the ease in which they can now be used. 

In most cases when the 'Swan Neck' is removed it is difficult if not impossible to tell that the vehicle in fact has a tow-bar fitted at all. 

A detachable tow-bar is a legal requirement if the standard type tow-bar obscures the number plate when fitted. The other occasion you may require a detachable option would be if the standard neck type was triggering reversing sensors on a car. 

While more expensive than the fixed neck types detachable tow-bars have become much more affordable than they may have been in the past, with most costing just 10%-20% more than their non-detachable equivalents.​

Picture of a Detachable Swan Neck Tow-bar
Detachable Swan Neck Tow-bar

Picture of a Fixed Flange Commercial Tow-bar
Fixed Flange Commercial Tow-bar

Fixed Flange Commercial Tow-bar

Traditionally used for more serious and heavy duty forms of towing and is usually vehicle dependent. 

A 50mm towball or Pin & Ball unit is bolted to a two or four hole plate, again usually vehicle dependent.

Multiple options exist with this type of tow-bar for bolt on accessories such as height adjusters, steps, bumper protectors, etc. along with a choice of towing couplings.

These bars are also popular where the user wishes to adjust the height of the tow-bar on commercial and 4x4 four-hole plate applications.

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