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All modern cars have sophisticated interior ventilation and heating systems that use various components to allow car occupants enjoy a comfortable interior temperature and also to ensure a clean air quality irrespective of the temperature or quality of the air outside.

These systems will include an Air Conditioning feature that cools and conditions the air; a interior heater radiator that is used to heat the air; and also a cabin filtration system that cleans the air which includes a pollen or cabin filter.

The Air Conditioning part of the jigsaw comprises of various components including:

  • A/C Compressor
  • A/C Condenser
  • Receiver dryer or Accumulator
  • Orifice tube or Expansion valve
  • A/C Evaporator

Air Conditioning is not just about giving you cold air on a warm day. Each component in the A/C system plays a role in delivering clean and dry air, sometimes cooled, to your cars interior. That is why people often experience issues with interior windows fogging up, interior smells or other ventilation issue without expecting the source of the problem to lie with the A/C!

Air Conditioning uses a refrigerant gas sometimes referred to by the DuPont trade name of Freon. Refrigerant is a specially formulated gas mixture that’s sole purpose is for transforming hot air into cold air.

It does this by absorbing and releasing heat, ultimately leaving cool air behind. The most common Freon gases used in automotive A/C systems are R134A and most recently introduced R-1234yf. Freon is pretty similar to motor oil and radiator coolant in that it is a working fluid designed for a specific system; in this case a car’s A/C system.

While any of the A/C system components can cause problems over time the usual source of A/C related issues is that the gas needs to be replaced due to age / usage, having evaporated over time or having escaped due to a leaking seal, o-ring or other faulty component.

BMW Service

That is where we come in. We have all of the necessary equipment to repair and service all Air Conditioning systems including the newest cars with r1234ya systems.

We stock all of the a/c gases, oils, seals, o-rings and other consumable parts while we have quick delivery, usually overnight, on any other components that may be required to bring your Air Conditioning system back to Ice-Cold performance!

All work can be pre-estimated and quoted for in advance and we can communicate with you by email exclusively, including invoice issue, if you are on the move or unable to talk by telephone.



  1. Hook vehicle up to one of our latest tech A/C Machines
  2. Remove (evacuate) existing gas
  3. System pressure test, checking for any existing leaks
  4. Once pressure test is passed inject new compressor & line oils
  5. Recharge the system with new refrigerant rf134a or r1234ya
  6. Add UV die (so that leaks in the future can be detected)
  7. Cooling fan operation checking
  8. Interior temperature check with a/c set to lowest temp.



Trying to eliminate odours in any vehicle can be very frustrating. Using a Fogging Deodoriser system we can remove unwanted odours such as tobacco, pet smells, vomit, urine and general bad smells.

Our cleansing process uses a highly effective 'counteractant' that harnesses bio-enzymatic action and protein digesters to eliminate the source of stubborn organic odours. The counteractant is delivered as a vapourising fog to leave a clean fresh fragrance that lasts and is guaranteed not to stain.
The service takes approximately three hours.​

PRICE €49.95

All cars must be presented with clean and dry interiors before this service can be performed.


We can carry out both of these services at the same time, and are totally complimentary of each other and save you €42!

Combined Price €99.95​

All cars must be presented with clean and dry interiors before this service can be performed.