we buy any car

We are one of Ireland's biggest and best buyers of cars. We will consider most makes and models* and more than often pay more than what you will be offered for your car against a new car.


Did you know that most PCP deal cars will have equity trapped in them at the end of the term? This could amount to thousands of euros and rightfully belongs to the customer. Yet many struggle to access and release this equity as the dealership they took the car out from are privy to the PCP buyback price and will try to 'wrap up' the equity into a deal on a new car.

A better way to end your current PCP deal (whether you plan to enter into a new one or not) is to sell your car to us. We will offer a stronger-than-main-dealer price for your car, pay off your PCP 'balloon' payment which will be less than what we have offered you and pay you the difference. Leaving you with CASH in your hand to shop for your next car.

Please fill out the contact form to allow our team to help you release PCP Equity today or simply dispose of your car with minimal hassle or fuss.

Once we receive your initial contact we will endeavour to make you an offer the same or next working day.

Thank you for making an enquiry.

*less than 6 years old or less than 140,000KM. Must have a verifiable service history.

We Buy Any Car at Cunningham Autopoint